The Grandmother Story Pendleton Blanket
The Grandmother Story Pendleton Blanket

The Grandmother Story Pendleton Blanket

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The Manitobah Mukluks x Miigizi x Pendleton Blanket is an inspired collaboration. 
As an Indigenous-owned brand, Manitobah Mukluks has the vision to become a vibrant global brand that makes a significant impact in Indigenous communities. They partnered with Nyle “Miigizi” Johnston in collaboration with TakingITGlobal’s Connected North Youth Leadership Fund. A portion of proceeds will go towards the fund to support young Indigenous artists, social entrepreneurs and community leaders.
In the centre of the image is Mishi Makinaak / The Great Turtle. We live on Turtle Island, so not only is it a representation of Turtle Island but The First Mother of Creation.

Within The First Mother of Creation you see Nookoomis (Grandmother) and our Grandmother is taking the form of a Biineynhsi / Thunderbird. The Thunderbirds are also protectors of water. Beside The Great Turtle and Grandmother Thunderbird, you see two youth on both sides and they are reconnecting with The First Mother of Creation, reconnecting with the land and their identity. When you help someone achieve their identity and they know who they are, their culture and place, you open up the entire universe to them, and that is the imagery of the stars. You open up that ability to hope and dream, the ability to expect good things to happen in their future. It also roots that person within a greater legacy and that is represented by the roots.

We are all part of some Creation Story, we all have Ancestors. It doesn’t matter where you are from, we have Ancestors that carry beautiful Stories and Teachings. We are all beautiful children of this First Mother and we have to be kind and gentle to ourselves, with each other, Our First Family and the Mother of Creation.

Miigwetch Nookoomis Biineynhsi miinwaa Naan Kummik Asini Kwe.
Miigwetch Aadizookanag.